Unicorn experience of two young girls

This is a memorable person, my current boyfriend. I often have threesome dating with another couple. They are almost all people who love threesome. I know them through a bisexual dating site. They used a gentle attitude to lead me entered threesome, and when I gave my boyfriend my thoughts, he very much agreed with me to try different sex experiences, he is a open-minded man, and he also believes that the couple is very good to me. In fact they are very experienced on threesome, and they are looking for unicorn like me to join them, because I am a first-timer in threesome, which is a good candidate for threesome dating. Everyone loves a young, sexy, and first-timer unicorn, so that I can quickly integrate into them, they also taught me a lot. Someday later, my boyfriend and I also found a unicorn through a site for couples looking for unicorn, even found the wife of the couple before comes to our threesome, she is also very happy. We all enjoy the fun and different experiences for each other.This will not be my last time. I really enjoy this kind of dating, and I am very grateful for that experience.   -Marry, 22

I studied in England in the early years. I was drinking and dancing at the bar on a Friday night. I drank a lot of wine, I took a bottle of vodka in my hand and started walking around on the dance floor. I am sure that the bartender didn't give me a bottle of very high wine to take care of me. When I was dancing with a bottle of wine in my hand, a very cute boy was close to me and started talking to me. He introduced himself to the me that he was locals and just graduated from college. When I looked around him, his girlfriend came over, a very beautiful and sexy girl. Because we were almost the same age, we talked very well. Then we talked about bisexual and threesome. They told me that they like looking for unicorn through the unicorn dating site, and often invited her to threesome dating. I slowly started to be interested in them. When I left the bar, I invited them both back to my apartment. On the way back, I asked if they would like me to join them. They were very happy to agree, and expressed their willingness to teach me some knowledge and skills in threesome so that I can integrate as soon as possible, because I am a first-timer. I had sex with both of them. We touched each other and met each other's needs. I got along well with the girl: she was under the boy, and I was riding her face. She licked my pussy when I kissed the boy. There was a little excitement in the tension, the night was very memorable and full of passion. The next day we separated and left contact with each other. Later, I was started working to earn money during the holidays, and I also started looking for bicouple through some unicorn dating sites to have a  threesome dating in my spare time. It was the couple who made me understand such special sex, and also thanked these dating services of this bisexual and threesome sites.   -Keira, 25


Unicorn makes life more sexy

Are you a person full of explorations about sex life? Have you ever thought about making your sex life rich and full of passion? A threesome era has arrived, people are not only limited to sex between couple, but more is to let a unicorn join their threesome dating.
Couples have lived together for a long time, so they all know each other, whether it is sexual needs or sexual interests. It is precisely because the monotonous couple sex life has become boring, more and more people have chosen the sex of more than two people. They are willing to go to some unicorn dating sites to find some unicorn to join their sex life, try more role playing, explore more sex experiences and fun, and recover lost passion. Studies have shown that couples who are interested in bisexual, those who not only have simple sex with unicorn, but also care for each other in life, increase mutual communication, and make each other closer.

For bicoulpe, the couple's sexual life between them is enriched, and there are more ways to satisfy each other.
For unicorn, she can learn more about sex from the sex process of husband and wife, get sincere care from others. It can be seen that threesome dating is a good thing for both parties. This kind of interest is not only reflected in the desire, but also meets the desire of many people in today's society to make friends. Different from the traditional concept, this kind of dating will not cause contradictions between husband and wife, and the existence of unicorn will even better ease the frequent quarrel between husband and wife.